Manastash lodge

Manastash Lodge

Opened in March 2019, Manastash Lodge is a gorgeous facility in a stunning setting. Five large glass restaurant garage doors capture the canyon view and allow for fresh air dining for much of the year.

The Searls Dining Room comfortably accommodates up to 192 people seated at round tables. Our buffet area is separated from this space by huge barn doors, allowing us to close off this space for workshops after meals are completed. Our state-of-the-art sound and video system has received rave reviews from our conference style groups.

Linda’s Lounge includes a gas rock fireplace, space for additional dining tables, and buffet area. Couches to sit around the fireplace are currently being constructed.

The Mack Cross View Courtyard provides a comfortable outdoor location for groups to informally gather or share a meal during the many sunny central Washington days. Groups also have used this location for programming, mixers, dances, and photos.

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Seating for 225 guests for meals
Chairs for 200 guests lecture style
Two coffee stations
Four bathrooms
Outdoor courtyard


Ceiling mounted pendant speakers throughout
Ceiling mounted LCD projector
Cordless microphone
Numerous floor electrical outlets and WiFi