Grand Camp

Campers, grab your grandparents!

To put it bluntly—Grand Camp is a no-brainer! A structured event that is specifically designed to grow grandchildren and grandparents closer in faith. Lazy F has been doing Grand Camp for more than 20 years, and we cherish our role in providing fun activities for the kids and adults to share together: worship, wacky songs, water Olympics, crafts, and games. We also offer a few separate times for the grandparents to allow for rest or adult conversation and the kids to go play and create with our staff. Our clean, comfortable accommodations include a limited number of rooms in Skyline ($15 additional per person) with private bathrooms and family rooms in Ridgeview with a community bathroom on each wing. We also are very proud of our quality meal service that caters to our guests with food sensitivities.

Note: If you would like to room with another Grand pair, please indicate so on the housing request section of the application. Thank you!

    Let’s Go to Camp!

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    Grandchildren entering K-6th and their grandparents


    Between January 1 and April 1, 2024 – $205
    April 1, 2024 and later – $220
    Add $15 for Skyline Lodging


    Packing lists, driving directions and FAQs visit:

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