Welcome To Our Camp Family

Written by Brianna Smith, Summer Program Coordinator: Lazy F Camp Summer 2019

Camp Family,

Welcome to Lazy F Camp and our Church family. My name is Brianna and I am the Summer Camp Coordinator for the second year and a previous camper at Lazy F. As a previous camper at Lazy F I wanted to share my camp story!

Coming to Lazy F changed my life spiritually and emotionally. I grew up in the United Methodist Church to two Methodist pastors, so it was in my blood to grow up going to church and I liked it. Going to camp was different, I almost always got nervous on the drive to camp and at check-in I would feel so nervous about not knowing anyone and I was scared that I would not make friends. The nervous feeling never lasted, ever. Some years at camp I didn’t know anyone, but usually neither did anyone else, we were all new together. Camp has given me courage to do things that gave me anxiety because I know that those feelings will not last. Camp also gave me a church family, a group of people who helped me grow in my faith and as a person, these people are some of the most important people in my life today. Some were my counselors who guided and taught me about myself, some were younger campers who showed me that I could be a leader, and most are some of my best friends.

My friends that I have made at camp year after year inspire me to be the best that I can be. I watch them in the world following their dreams, being good neighbors, showing grace, and spreading God’s love and I am honored to know them. My camp friends have helped me through times of grief and pure joy (They knew me in Middle and High School and still talk to me so I have to admit I’m a pretty lucky person). My camp friends are my chosen family and without them I would never have been able to come back to camp and work. Lazy F has given me so much that I want to give back to every camper that walks, hikes, runs, zip-lines, climbs, and slip-n-slides through our camp.

So if you are still thinking of sending a loved one to us, know that we will watch over them with great care. If you have already signed up know that we will watch over you with great care. And finally for all, know that we cannot wait to welcome you into our camp family. We will all grow in our faith and we will walk side by side through the good and the difficult.

Welcome Home,

Brianna Smith

Summer Program Coordinator