Tips and Hints

Written by Jessica ‘Crescendo’ Lewis: Lazy F Camp Summer 2019

Dear Future Camper,

We are so excited for you to come to camp this summer! I have been at camp for the last couple weeks working to make camp the best summer camp you will ever experience! While you prepare for camp here are a couple of tips/hints to know before you come.
1. The food here is amazing! You don’t need to bring your own. Camp has an amazing Taco Bar, sweet cinnamon rolls and hot, tasty pizza. Also Salad Bar! You will not go hungry at camp.
2. You need to bring your water bottle! It gets super, super, duper warm at camp and the sun shines brightly all day. And you need to stay hydrated in order to have fun all day! Camp has the water, you bring the water bottle.
3. Bringing your swimsuit is a must! Camp has a creek that flows directly through camp and we tube down it! We provide the tubes and fun while you provide the swimsuit and sandals with a heel strap. (Don’t worry if you forget your sandals we have some extras on camp).
4. Bring your sunscreen! The sun is out all the time and sun burns are not fun. Bring your sunscreen to avoid sunburns.
5. Bring a coat. It may be hot temperatures all day, but at night it gets cold. So bring a coat to stay warm at night.
6. Bring a letter, all stamped and addressed to send your parents a letter home! Write a letter in the middle week, give it to your counselor and they will put it in the mail for you!
7. Bring your singing voice, whatever kind of singing voice it may be, ready to sing the silliest camp songs you will ever sing! Come prepared to sing ridiculous lyrics, with ridiculous movements.
8. Bring your positive attitudes to camp! Camp is only as fun as your attitude allows it to be. So come positive and camp will be one of the best experiences of your summer!
9. Come to camp ready to make friends! You will be placed in a group of other campers that you will be hanging out with all week so come ready to make some awesome friends!
10. Bring yourself, ready to have fun! Camp is a place to relax, be yourself and have fun! So come to camp ready to have fun!

We are excited to see you at camp!


Assistant Camp Coordinator