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A page FULL of useful hints and tips for Parents and Guardians of campers!

Here at Lazy F we know that whether you're a first time camper parent or guardian, or a veteran of the game, it can be daunting to send your children away for a week. Knowing that you have to put your trust in the hands of others to look after your most precious cargo. Well, we at Lazy F wanted to help put your mind at ease with an array of useful information that will be sure to make your Summer Camp journey with us as comfortable as it can be!!

Lazy F Social Media

Make you dont miss out on Anything this Summer at Lazy F...

We are VERY excited about a brand new position we have hired this summer. We have a FULL TIME Summer Media Manager. This person will provide a plethora of pictures and videos of your campers experience during the week, which you will be able to view and download as soon as your camp is over.
Not only that, but this summer, for the first time ever, we will be updating you, regularly, throughout the week, with live snippets from camp. Our Media Manager will be active on all of our social media accounts, giving you unprecedented glimpses into what makes life at Lazy F so unique and special.
We have heard your feedback and have made some changes to make sure you feel more connected to Lazy F and your camp experience, before, during and after your camp, than ever before!!
Make sure to follow all of our social media channels now!

Lazy F Videos

An array of Lazy F Summer Camp videos from both campers and staff ...

Lazy F Blog

Many useful thoughts from many different sources...

You will find below a number of different posts by Lazy F Staff, by Camper Parents, by Camp Conference Staff. Lots of ideas and thoughts that come right from the source, from people with experience of what it really means to experience camp!!!

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