Lazy F: Why Volunteer?

Lazy F: Why Volunteer

By Ryan and Laura Tullar

Laura writes: The question is short but the answer is much longer. The journey for volunteering at Lazy F actually began for us as staff members in the summer of 2012. We met working in the kitchen and, we eventually fell in love in our favorite place. Ryan always wanted to work with kids and would join in on the games during breaks, often dragging whatever kitchen crew was on shift with him. This led to his first time as a volunteer small group leader at Senior High Camp, and eventually a full time position the following summer. While Ryan led small groups, I volunteered as site staff helping where needed as a swiss-army knife of sorts.

Ryan writes: Seeing kids succeed for me and seeing them do it surrounded by their friends and completely immersed in God for an entire week is what brings me back year after year. It’s not volunteering when it’s this fun and rewarding. I feel that the kids give me so much more than I could ever give them. Coming into my first summer as a kitchen worker my own faith walk had been so damaged by past experiences; I didn’t feel that I would ever feel quite right at camp. But the kids, and the camp saved me honestly.

When Laura and I started dating, she believed in some sort of higher power but not sure what, and by the end of our first full summer working with the kids she didn’t deny the Lord anymore. Neither one of us is your cookie cutter, suit and Sunday dress, church-going Christian, but we have both been moved to tears by the incredible stories we have witnessed over four summers at Lazy F. The question we were asked to answer was how does volunteering impact our faith, and the truth of the matter is: it has given us our faith. The youth that come through these camps year in and year out are all the proof that either of us will ever need. The future lies in the world’s youth, and we are blessed each year to get to work with some of the greatest young minds in the state. Continuing to see them succeed will be what brings us back as often as we can.