Lazy F: Who’s Here This Weekend?

By Dave Burfeind – Director of Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center

Like the other three sites in our Conference, we are blessed to have a variety of guest groups utilizing our facilities and being a part of our ministries.  It is great to see the variety of groups that come each weekend and also throughout the week.  I know this is an important part of our mission to reach out in Christian hospitality to these groups, but it also plays a important role in the vitality of the camp and supporting our summer camp program.

The variety of groups we serve is incredible!  My summer camp name is the RingMaster, after the fact that many times Lazy F is like a three ring circus.  At the most extreme end of the spectrum, one weekend we had a seven ring circus: seven different groups utilizing our site on a spring weekend.  The great forethought our founders and subsequent leaders had in the design of this place allows for this to be successful.  Seven is extreme, but it is not uncommon to have three different groups here on a weekend. 

Each week we see different types of groups: schools, churches, family reunions, government agencies, universities, quilting groups, nonprofit organizations, military  groups, and the list goes on!  They may be composed of all men, women, children, families, co-workers, church members, athletes, student leaders, etc.  Some come to simply play and connect more closely with their other participants, others are involved with strategic planning, many come closer to their God, and some hole up in their meeting room, not seeing the light of day!  There have been a couple of very interesting groups we have served:  Washington Animal Control Association (they knew we had a “no pet” policy), Washington Boomerang Club (for the World Championships in Ellensburg), and we just took a reservation for the Robotics team  from West Valley High School in Spokane.  As they say, variety is the spice of life….

I firmly believe that our four Conference sites are here to exemplify fine Christian hospitality that helps make our guests be comfortable and open to the Holy Spirit that I know is present in all four places.  Serving this varied constituency is an important aspect of our outreach.

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A quilting group sets up camp in Ridgeview for the weekend

The view of out famous cross from the pond in the Fall

An elementary camper enjoying our tubing hill in the summer