Lazy F: The Ultimate Innertubing Outfit

Written by: Katie Rau, Lazy F Camp Program Coordinator
Featuring: Lazy F’s Administrative Assistant, Tami McBride

1. A long under layer (or multiple) – preferably not cotton. So that when you sweat, you don’t freeze – and let’s face it, tubing requires endurance and have you seen our stairs? You’re going to sweat! Pants just need to be comfortable and fit under #3.

2.Thick socks – seriously – wool socks were made for tubing. They wick moisture away from your stinky feet and keep those piggies toasty! Thank the sheep or llama in your life today!

3. Snow pants! – preferably with stylish suspenders. These keep snow from getting in your boots AND down your pants. Stay warmer and drier longer with fewer clothing changes (Parents – that means less packing!).

4. Boots – of the waterproof variety. Made for climbing up and tromping through snow piles. No sock can save you if you don’t wear waterproof boots…trust us on that one. With the type of pant depicted here – make sure the elastic-y part of the snow pant goes on the INside of the boot. For other types – do what works.

5. Winter coat – Warm, Waterproof or Wicking. A good winter coat will keep your core warm so that you can enjoy hours of snow-filled bliss!

6. Hat and Scarf – Wearing a hat will keep the heat in – and that’s where we want it! The scarf is optional but recommended. It will keep your neck warm and doubles as a face shield when you’re on a particularly speedy run.

7. Waterproof gloves: when you get up, when you fall down, when you need to throw a snowball, these gloves will be there for you!

Now you’re ready….FOR THIS!

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