Lazy F: The Four Fs of Lazy F

by Zack McGuckin, Lazy F High School Camper and LIT

When I got around to writing this, I had no idea how to structure it. I have had many great experiences at camp and it means a lot to me. How could I include all of this in a complete and structured piece of writing while still keeping it accessible and brief. That is when I had the idea of the four Fs of Lazy F. The four Fs each represent something that camp means to me.


At camp, I have met some of my best friends. I was at L.I.T. with a group of seven youth. The last day, we went around the circle complementing each other. It took three hours between the seven of us and three adults. I have stayed in contact with everyone who was at that camp and we still talk on the regular. Camp doesn’t just give you friends for a week; camp gives you friends for life.



Another great thing about camp is it is really, really fun. Activities like the Water or Messy Olympics are an absolute blast. At Winter Camp, you get to go sledding which is tons of fun. Even when there isn’t a planned activity, it is still fun to just hang out with your fellow campers. You can be yourself and have a blast doing it.



Over my years going to Lazy F, I have grown in my faith an incredible amount. When I started going to camp I was quiet and shy and didn’t even own my own bible. Now, I have a bible and am always willing to lead worship or prayer. I have developed an understanding of the bible and showcase my faith through my words and actions both inside and outside of camp. If it wasn’t for the influences of my councilors and fellow campers, I would not be able to achieve this place in my faith.



Lazy F is more than a camp that I spend a couple of weeks at every summer, Lazy F is my home. My councilors and fellow campers are my brothers and sisters in Christ. Lazy F is a place where I feel 100% comfortable and wanted. It is a place where I have a constant smile in my face. It is a place where I see and feel God’s constant presence. It is a place where I see old friends and make new ones. It is my favorite place to be and I can’t wait to go back later this summer. 


If you are considering going to camp or signing up your kids, I would highly recommend it. Although I talked about Lazy F, I have attended Twinlow, Indianola and Ocean Park and felt God work through all of them. Camp is a place of miracles, joy and worship. Lives are changed at camp, my life has.