Lazy F: Spring To-Do List

Spring to do list:

 hire awesome staff

 stock the pond with trout

 line up camp pastors

 cut firewood

 get lots of campers!

Spring is the time where we are getting ready for the busiest time of the year. It is the time to prepare for the invasion of campers and the fun energetic staff who work with them. There are a multitude of details that need to be addressed that relate to the program. There is lots of planning that is behind all the fun, cool activities that occur week after week. We are also busy preparing the buildings and grounds so we are cleaned up from the winter and looking good for all the campers and guests.

We have lots of help in getting things accomplished so we are ready. Our staff put in a lot of hours and are very dedicated to our mission of helping people grow in faith. There are a number of volunteer groups who pitch in. This spring we have had a variety of volunteer groups already, and many others coming soon: CWU Wesley, Trust Project, Scout Troop 945, Tool Time Tuesday, Aldersgate UMC Families, Federal Way Men's Group, Marysville UMC Men, and Cornerstone UMC. We deeply appreciate all these folks do to make improvements, we could not do it without you!

Spring chores are sometimes a bit tedious and may be monotonous, but we are encouraged that we are doing these tasks for a wonderful reason: we are super excited to have the kids here in a couple of months. It is great to see the energy of the campers, notice the excitement they exude in the games, observe the friendships that are formed in a short period, and see the awe portrayed when they discover a new creature or plant. And ultimately, it fills our soul to witness the personal relationship with Christ that deepens during a week of camp. This makes all the chores more bearable!