Lazy F: Second Home

by Jim Grob

We were blessed to begin our connection with Lazy F when our daughter, Olivia, was just four, and my wife volunteered as camp nurse. Olivia is now 16 and takes great pride in saying she has been to camp every year since. For Olivia, summer means Lazy F.  She calls it “her time” and her “second home” to renew her faith, have fun, be in nature, and, most importantly, be herself. She is almost giddy with excitement at the thought of reconnecting with camp friends and counselors each summer (and now also winter as an older camper). 

As parents, we see Olivia come home very much renewed and re-grounded after being away from her cell phone, Snapchat, Facebook, and teen sports for a week.  Not many places provide that kind of escape for kids these days, but the Manastash canyon and the camp’s program and spiritual focus provide that magic elixir. As parents who come from somewhat differing Christian experiences, the combination of a camp experience in God’s great outdoors, coupled with the warm, accepting, and loving Christian experience that Jesus’ teaching embodies, we feel Lazy F is just the perfect place for any child to have as part of their growing up experience.