Lazy F: From Cautious and Uncertain to Excited to Return

Written by Marcia Wilson: Camper Mom,


Lazy F is a perfect vehicle for parents who want their growing youngsters to stretch their wings. I would highly recommend this camp. My oldest always looks forward to registration (and lets me know ahead of time when to start looking) and this year his little sister: “Check this one out, and this one, and that one…”


Lazy F is a good fit for several reasons:

  1. The staff is clearly well trained and confident.
  2. The environment allows a large choice of camping opportunities based on age, time of year, and even time of day (there’s a Nocturnal Camp called Night Owl!).
  3. It requires some planning to get there, but that is part of the appeal. As the saying goes, “The long trip is part of the gift”.


My son went from cautious and uncertain “Why do you sign me up for this stuff Mom I don’t know anyone here” to “I really need to go again + the extra camps on the list!” On his first trip up he barely spoke. On the way home it was a waterfall of words.


Even when the right words fail to rattle out, the positive feeling Lenwood has for the camp are front and center. Instead of taking Lazy F camps as a “goof off from home” he always comes back charged up with a fresh sense of purpose and a sharpened focus on his life’s goals. No ordinary camp could create this sort of response. I can’t wait to see what Lazy F will do for his sister on her first trip. She’s tired of feeling jealous and wants to collect the experience for herself.


“Thanks to Marcia Wilson for sharing her thoughts with us on what makes Lazy F a good fit for her family and a unique experience for her son, Lenwood. Lenwood attended Winter Camp the last two years and our Leader in Training Camp in Summer of 2016.” – Katie Rau: Lazy F Program Coordinator