Growth Zone

Written by Juan ‘Moose’ Rodriguez: Lazy F Camp Summer 2019

Dear Future Camper,

If there’s one thing I want you to know about camp, it’s that it is a place where you can grow as a person. Before coming here, I joined a Boy Scout troop and after that a youth group. Through both of those programs I found Lazy F. With my troop, I came here as a volunteer (and still do) every year. My troop and I set up the teepees here at camp and while I was still a scout, we would set up the archery range. My youth group on the other hand; we would come here as volunteers to help with a lot of different things like fixing the creek, cutting branches off trees, and making the fence at the entrance.

After coming to Lazy F for a while as a volunteer I was ready to join as a camper! I first came to winter camp, then two summer camps after that, and now I’m here at Lazy F a camp counselor. One thing I’ve learned from coming here so many times as both a volunteer and a camper was that it’s a place to grow. I used to be shy, unconfident, and didn’t talk much but, through Lazy F, I grew.

Now as a camp counselor I would love to be part of your journey in becoming the best person you can be. I’m excited to meet you, know you, and not only watch you grow, but watch you and your camp-mates grow as a team! I’m excited to see you grow through our challenge course, our activities, and watching you try things you’d never think you’d get to do! Getting out of your comfort zone and into something we like to call your ‘growth zone’ can be a scary thing, but that’s where the most change can happen!

Coming to camp can be scary, but the lessons you learn, the activities you do, the memories you’ll make will stay with you for a super long time. I couldn’t have said this better than Seal in his letter, “If someone is mean to you at school, remember camp. Remember that in this place you are loved for who you are and that you belong. No matter what happens you will always belong in this place.”


Camp Counselor