Kitchen Assistant


30 - 40 hours per week during summer months

10 - 30  hours per week during non-summer months

Wage: $12.00/hr

Looking for a summer job with a really fun atmosphere, in a beautiful setting, with consistent hours and potential for more during the non summer season?

Look no further!!

We are looking for kitchen staff for our summer camp season. 30-40 hours per week.

With the potential for 10-30 hours a week, should you wish, during the non summer months!

From The Job Description: 'To support the Camping Ministry by preparing God's gifts of food into nutritious and appetizing meals for campers and staff so that they may be nourished of the body, and ready to be nourished of the spirit as the program continues'

How To Apply: Please email our Administrative Assistant to inquire about the application process and use "kitchen assistant" in the subject line.

Melissa Holestine, Administrative Assistant
Email: office@lazyfcamp.org
Phone: (509)962.2780

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