Older Adult Retreat

Older Adults Retreat

September 18-20, 2018

There’s a new, exciting look at Lazy F – the new lodge is under construction and scheduled to be in use by late summer.

There’s a new event in especially for those who call themselves ‘Older Adults ‘ being held in September of this year.  More details will be announced during the months ahead to let people know about the Older Adults Retreat, September 18 – 20 to be held at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg.

While September is several months into the future, now is the time to begin planning for this ‘new and cool’ event.  The over-arching theme for the Retreat will be What’s Next?  Discussions will range from taking a look about preparing ourselves for emergencies; or, what are these ‘older years’ about; to being prepared when our social structures seem to be changing so rapidly.

Plan on joining with folks from across the Conference for energizing conversations; have meals in the new Lodge; enjoy a few days at the end of summer in the beautiful canyon of Lazy F.  Registration is open already:  either online at: lazyfcamp.org or call the Lazy F office for a paper registration form, 509-962-2780.  Questions? Contact: Rosalee Mohney, Dean, rmohney@comcast.net


We have two ways to register, either mail in the paper form or sign up online!