Ian Ridpath

Hey! Im Ian, Im from England (Yorkshire to be precise) I live in Ireland (Dublin to be precise) and im coming back to my other home in the U.S (The Manastash Canyon, to be precise)

My Lazy F story goes back to 2005. It was a warm summer, the nights were long, the moon was bright...(Maybe I'll give you the short version for now, and we can chat about the long version over a cup of my favorite D&M Coffee!!)

2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 ...All of the Summers ive had the privilege of working at Lazy F, in Program, as a Counselor, in the Kitchen, in Maintenance, as the Activities Coordinator and for 3 Summers, Program and Operations Director!

Suffice to say if you peeled me open, you would find the Lazy F brand right at the core! Lazy F is many things for me (like so many others)...

It is another home for me, its a place I love, a place I believe in, a place to find real community, a place to be yourself, a place I want to share with everyone, and the place I feel God the most. I am so VERY excited to be back in this ministry, and cannot wait to connect with old friends and family, make new friends and family, and share all that Lazy F has, with anyone who will listen (and even some who wont 😉

Email: program@lazyfcamp.org

Phone: (509)962.2780