A Special Place

Written by Emily ‘Nalgene’ Toycen: Lazy F Camp Summer 2019

Dear Future Camper,

Whether you have signed up for camp for this summer, already signed up for next summer, haven’t signed up for camp yet, been coming to Lazy F for years, have never been, this letter is for you! Personally, I have been coming to Lazy F my entire life and it has made a huge impact on me. Camp is a special place for many reasons, and I believe that it has something incredible to offer for anyone who comes.

I am a big believer in the power of worship, community, and God’s presence in nature, and Lazy F provides the opportunity to experience all of those things. When you come to camp, you get the chance to experience worship through song and the Word every morning at chapel, which can be such a powerful experience! You also get to become a part of one of the most important communities you will have in your life through spending quality time, Bible encounter, and doing fun and silly activities with your small group. And one of my favorite parts about camp, you get to do it all outside! I know it can be hard to leave the comfort and familiarity of your home, but when you come to camp, you get to spend time outside in God’s creation, and get to do so many fun activities while doing it!

If you’re nervous about coming to camp, then I totally understand! I love coming to camp, but even I get nervous before I come just because there’s so many unknowns which can be really scary. Even though I always get nervous before coming to camp, I also end up having way more fun than I thought was possible! You will make new friends, do fun and crazy activities, experience God in so many ways, and have the best stories to tell to your friends and family when you get home.

I am so excited for you to come to camp and to get to have so much fun with you!


Camp Counselor